Heavenly Organics’ Mission

Hello 2018! 

Welcome to the Heavenly Organics Blog. It’s a New Year, and Heavenly Organics is making an impact every day through our mission. By bringing you the purest honey-based products, we’re creating stable jobs within conflict zones in India and changing lives for the long-term. 

We consider ourselves Peace Collectors, harvesting honey using bee-friendly methods in order to protect both the bees and the pristine jungles and valleys where they live in the lower Himalayas. Our bees live outside of the box, in wild hives that are untouched by pesticides or antibiotics. Working together, we bring you the purest products, made from the purest ingredients. 

At Heavenly Organics, we have developed unique, sustainable harvesting practices that we teach to each and every harvester with whom we partner. We collect honey from places with internal, political, and economic conflict in Central and Northern India and other parts of the Himalayas. In doing so, we’ve provided 650 families an ethical, stable way out of a bad situation.

Our products, made from the finest organic ingredients on earth, will enlighten your spirit through health, harmony, and deliciousness. We want to share our story and our products with you, and we hope you enjoy being a part of the Heavenly Organics journey.