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Unfortunately, many bees and hives located in the United States have been exposed to pesticides, antibiotics, genetically modified crops, and herbicides. This includes glyphosate, a common pesticide with such extreme adverse side effects in humans that it has been banned in several countries. Calls for regulation are growing, but it can be difficult to escape the chemicals used in commercial agriculture when sourcing honey in the US.

To ensure that we are bringing only the best quality and safest products to market, we source all of our honey from wild hives in remote and untouched parts of India. Insulation from industrialized agriculture allows us to hold our honey to a higher standard, and reduce processing to preserve its naturally-occurring health properties. We are proud to be the first honey company to hold a certification for Glyphosate Residue Free products through the Detox Project®. Our products are also certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Heavenly Organics

Wild Beehives

  • No pesticides
  • No pollutants
  • No antibiotics
  • Non-GMO



  • Frequently contain pesticides
  • May contain pollutants
  • May contain antibiotics
  • May contain GMOs

To verify that our precious wild hives are producing pure honey, each batch is rigorously tested for antibiotics, pesticides, pollutants, or GMOs. We are proud to produce natural honey that is:

From Hive to Home,

we are committed to providing you with the purest honey in the world.