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Peaches and Cream Acacia Honey Popsicles

Now that we're in the full swing of summer, there's no better way to cool down than with a delicious (and healthy) popsicle. Peaches are in season right now, and combined with protein-packed Greek yogurt, these creamy treats are easy to make for hot summer days.
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What's Really Raw? Not All Raw Honey is Created Equal

Raw has become a bit of a buzzword in the food industry lately. When you think of raw foods, you may think of raw veggies, sushi, or even complex diets that have come into the mainstream. Essentially, raw means “uncooked”...

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The Case for Crystallization

Can you tell if honey is high-quality based on how it looks in a jar? When you see crystallized honey, you might think that something is wrong. Smooth, transparent amber honey may come across as better quality – even though...

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Roast Chicken with a White Honey Lemon Baste

Wow your guests at your next dinner party with this sweet and savory roast chicken! An easy honey mustard baste whips up quickly and keeps the meat moist while adding tangy flavor.
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Peanut Butter & White Honey Energy Balls

Pack these energy balls for a spike of energy at work or before the gym! Creamy peanut butter and rolled oats provide lasting energy, while White Honey and chocolate provide a hint of sweetness!


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Supporting Wild and Free Bees

Heavenly Organics honey is the way nature intended honey to be. A bee’s main contribution to nature/ecosystem is to pollinate & increase biodiversity and bees fulfill that function by collecting nectar and pollen as food for themselves. Our regenerative method...

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