Peace Through Prosperity

India features some of the most unique and diverse cultures on earth, with 23 different languages spoken and more than six religions practiced. It is home to pristine natural resources and the awe-inspiring Himalayan Mountains, a beautiful backdrop for its diverse ecosystem. Despite the overwhelming beauty of this country, parts of India have been beset by conflict between its government and opposing militias.

The Punjab Insurgency, a rebellion that ravaged the Punjab region of Northern India, was one of the most violent conflicts between the Indian government and the Sikhs. Many Sikhs, seeking recognition and fair treatment from the national Congress, turned to violence to achieve their goals. This violent clash lasted from 1984 to 1995.

Further, the brutality of the Naxalite-Maoist insurgency has persisted across Central India for the last fifty years. Spread throughout sixty districts, this political conflict between the Indian government and the Naxalite-Maoist Communist Party of India has become a daily reality for many communities.

Heavenly Organics exists to bring peace to these regions.

We believe that people in conflict areas need steady employment in order to stay detached from the violent struggles around them. Our purpose is to provide stable, ethical jobs these conflict zones, in order to unify communities and to create peace through prosperity. Through your enjoyment of our products, you are helping to lift hundreds of families out of a harsh situation. We thank you for that support.

The Impact:

Protects the wild bee population using non-invasive methods

Utilizes harvesters’ existing skills to sustainably access naturally occurring hives

Provides 650 families with ethical and stable jobs

Preserves the environment with smoke-free harvesting methods

Produces 100% Organic, pure products

Peace Collectors

Heavenly Organic’s revolutionary business model is transforming lives, preserving bees and protecting the environment. Watch our story and learn how we bring you perfectly pure, 100% organic, wild, raw honey while preserving peace at the source.

"What I've learned from the bees is how much amazing work they do. Wherever they go, they make everything beautiful. They give every species a chance to evolve and grow." 

- Heavenly Organics Founder, Amit Hooda