Sustainably Sourced Honey

At Heavenly Organics, we are dedicated to sustainable practices that allow us to offer you the purest products on the shelf. Our harvesters follow strict eco-friendly processes that keep the bees safe and the natural jungles of India free from harm. Over the past decade, we have trained over 3,000 people in our sustainable honey harvesting methods. Our team refuses to take shortcuts and goes the extra mile to make sure that only quality product reaches your table.

How the Other Guys Do It:

For some companies, harmful shortcuts are an attractive way to get more honey to market easier and faster. Unfortunately, these shortcuts are destructive to the bees and to our environment. Two popular methods include flooding the forest floor with smoke or bringing the hive to ground level by chopping down trees.

Some harvesters smoke out the hive and start a fire at the base of the tree. Thick smoke rises up to the hive, and the bees become confused and subdued. This process has been known to kill off a large portion of the hive, and sometimes the fire can flare out of control and burn large portions of the forest.

To avoid climbing trees, which takes training and a great deal of care, some harvesters prefer to bring the hive down to them. They chop down entire trees or large branches carrying several hives and harvest the honey on the ground. The plunge from tree to forest floor is immensely harmful to the bees and can result in the collapse of an entire colony. Of course, this is also devastating to the forest as well.

The Heavenly Organics Approach:

We have a deep respect for the bees and their forests, which is why we pioneered a sustainable honey harvesting approach.

Our harvesters carefully select and climb up to each hive to collect directly from the source in its natural state. We never take all the honey from any hive, but instead are careful to collect only the excess, allowing the hive to remain intact and healthy. This process also ensures that no harm comes to the queen or the colony. With this bee-friendly approach, wild hives are able to replenish the harvested honey in just 15-20 days.

We are committed to keeping the wild bees safe through every step of our harvesting process. This helps foster the natural cycle from flower to hive to home. When you enjoy our products, know that you’re helping to support a thriving, sustainable mission - creating ONE SWEET WORLD together.

Peace Collectors

Heavenly Organic’s revolutionary business model is transforming lives, preserving bees and protecting the environment. Watch our story and learn how we bring you perfectly pure, 100% organic, wild, raw honey while preserving peace at the source.

"What I've learned from the bees is how much amazing work they do. Wherever they go, they make everything beautiful. They give every species a chance to evolve and grow." 

- Heavenly Organics Founder, Amit Hooda