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The purpose of Heavenly Organics is simple:

To bring peace to areas of conflict. These jobs make an impact on the world by establishing long-term solutions for those residing in areas of turbulence. Each of our harvesters plays a role in fostering peace and prosperity in their own communities, by working directly with us in a co-op relationship. Our sustainable harvesting techniques, guided by the harvesters’ existing knowledge and skills, preserve the environment and protect the natural beauty of India.

Peace Collectors

Heavenly Organic’s revolutionary business model is transforming lives, preserving bees and protecting the environment. Watch our story and learn how we bring you perfectly pure, 100% organic, wild, raw honey while preserving peace at the source.

"What I've learned from the bees is how much amazing work they do. Wherever they go, they make everything beautiful. They give every species a chance to evolve and grow." 

- Heavenly Organics Founder, Amit Hooda

Our products are more than delicious - they make a difference.