Acacia Honey: Bright, Tropical, and Tangy

Acacia honey is a bit of a misnomer – albeit, a delicious one. Known for its wonderful light taste and ability to harmonize with flavors of a variety of foods, Acacia honey is actually made of nectar gathered from the “false acacia” or black locust tree. These trees produce extremely sweet-smelling blossoms, attracting local bees that produce this unique and highly-valued honey. With relatively low sucrose and high fructose, Acacia honey has a low glycemic index, making it a good choice for those that struggle with their blood sugar. With little aftertaste, Acacia honey is a top pick for sweetening beverages and baked goods.

Before tasting Acacia honey, you may get a sweet, sharp, and vegetal nose featuring warm scents, like vanilla and almond. Acacia honey also has a spicy hint of nutmeg aroma, and bright, tropical fruit fragrances, like pineapple and kiwi.

Once you taste Acacia honey, you’ll be able fully experience the vanilla and tropical fruit flavor from the nose. Tangy and warm, Acacia also tastes of orange marmalade, with traces of vinegar and fresh hay.

Morning Glory

Drizzle Acacia honey over breakfast foods, like Greek yogurt, pancakes, croissants, or pastries. The bright flavors of Acacia honey will enhance any breakfast meal.

Drink It Up

Try swirling Acacia honey into your favorite beverage, instead of sugar, for natural sweetness. Acacia brings out the tartness of lemonade, and enhances the flavor. Try our favorite recipe here. Acacia honey is also perfect for sweetening coffee, tea, or cocktails.

Fruit Forward

Drizzle Acacia honey over your favorite fruit for a hint of sweetness and the addition of natural enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that come along with truly raw honey.

Cheese Pairing

Acacia honey pairs with salty, sharp cheeses like Pecorino Romano or goat cheese, and nicely enhances lemony ricotta. Enhance your cheese plate with toasted pine nuts, salty Prosciutto, dried apricots, green olives, and freshly sliced pears. Acacia also matches nicely with a glass of Chardonnay.

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Acacia Honey

Bright and tangy

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