Supporting Wild and Free Bees

Heavenly Organics honey is the way nature intended honey to be. A bee’s main contribution to nature/ecosystem is to pollinate & increase biodiversity and bees fulfill that function by collecting nectar and pollen as food for themselves.

Our regenerative method only collects 20-25% of honey from naturally occurring hives in the jungle. We only do this during flowering season. This process helps bees go out to refill that portion of hive, pollinate and improve biodiversity in the forest.

This is similar to thinning process in fruit trees like apples where you remove excess fruit removed so the tree is ready for next season.

If you leave all the honey in the hives then bees will not go out to pollinate as and become lazy as they have all the food they need. We do not use smoke or expose our bees antibiotics, GMO, or pesticides. Our honey collection creates jobs for people in conflict areas of the world. Please watch our video to learn more about our mission and our process.